Pricing & Services

My hourly rate for personal organizing services is $75.

Because some spaces take two hours, others take several days. It is completely up to you how much time and money you can spend on a single space or project. Here is a break-down of what the hours for one project typically cover:

  1. Initial Consultation – We meet at your home or office and assess the space. You tell me what’s working and what’s not working for you, as well as your vision for the space to be as functional and beautiful as possible. We set a time and financial budget for my services and any items purchased to help organize the space.
  2. The Purge – Together we categorize and physically group all of the items in the space to take inventory and assess what should remain in the space or be removed from the space. Those removed from the space will either be moved to another location within the home, thrown away, given away, or recycled. I am a green organizer and strive to recycle everything possible – whether it’s plastic, paper, glass, metal, electronics, or fabrics. Let’s keep as much as possible out of the landfills!
  3. Light Cleaning – The space needs to be cleaned while in “blank slate” mode. I’ll get in there and sweep and wipe down and surfaces of dust and grime when you provide the cleaning supplies.
  4. Organization – MY FAVORITE PART! Combining your vision and my skills, I put the remaining items back together in a way that highlights the functionality and purpose of the space. I group together like items in visually-appealing ways, hiding unnecessary clutter with bins and containers either provided by you or purchased with your approval.
  5. Beautification – I ensure the space meets its beauty potential with the remaining time – hiding unsightly cords, etc.
  6. Teaching Moment – Together we walk through the space and I show you how everything has a new home. If applicable, I make you a checklist of your next steps for the room. I give you any feedback for maintaining an organized space relevant to your needs.

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