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Megan S.
24d ago

Ellen was a gem. I hired her to meet my fiance and I at our new apartment to help us unpack boxes and organize the kitchen/bathroom/bar area for us. Unfortunately, our movers were two hours late which made it hard for Ellen to do any unpacking or organizing :/ However, she stepped right in and offered to drive her car to our old apartment to help pick up things the movers couldn’t fit in the truck. She made two trips across town and back again to unload our things for us. When the movers finally showed up, she went right to work organizing and unpacking whatever she could. She is incredibly sweet and efficient. I would hire her again in a heart beat, and we plan to when we’re settled in a bit more! Thank you Ellen!

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“Ellen drafted some articles for me and reached out to potential clients by phone. She is very organized, and provided excellent content for me to create newsletter articles. I highly recommend her!”

“Ellen is a STAR! We spent a few hours together going through and organizing my child’s playroom. I was able to donate, recycle, “trash”, or keep things. The room is now a JOY to be in, and my child has not noticed one thing that I deleted from the room and her life! Ellen is a wonderful, kind, and gentle organizer and I can not wait to tackle another room soon! Ellen looks at the “big picture” plus breaks the work down into manageable tasks which are even fun to do! 🙂 Thank you Ellen!!! Please come back soon!!!”

“Ellen has helped me with home organization — everything from getting rid of clutter in the kitchen to updating my paper flow and paying bills. She is organized, positive, full of good ideas, and a pleasure to work with!”


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