An Organized Jewelry Drawer

My jewelry used to all be jumbled together.

So I made this necklace hanger a few weeks ago.

Honestly, it’s not really working for me. Necklaces are still getting tangled. I think the best method will be building something like this to store each necklace on a separate hook.

Now, for my non-necklace jewelry, I bought this 24-compartment case at the Container Store so I could store 1-4 (depending on the size) pairs of earrings in each compartment. This helps me immensely. I no longer have to spend precious morning minutes digging for the earrings I want to wear – or their mates! Or their backs!


I simply keep my bracelets, rings, lipstick, and perfume in the original divider I bought at Home Goods:


And slip the earring container on top. The whole thing gets stored in a drawer in my dresser. I still want to make drawer liners for my dressers like the ones I made here



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