An Organized Event Stylist’s Closet: Before & After

Happy New Year!

I had the pleasure of working with an event stylist a few weeks ago – add that job to my list of dream occupations, please! Her storage space was shared with the utility room in her home and was overflowing with ribbon, tinsel, and crepe paper. She complained that her current system made it so difficult to put things away that she would often leave decorations on the floor after events, when she was exhausted.

A very important principle of organization is that items are as EASY as possible to put away. As Marie Kondo taught me, usually people organize in a way that makes it as easy as possible to access items, but they should really be easier to put away. If you need to access something, you WILL access it so its convenient is not the priority. Putting it away does not strike us as necessary, so we need to organize it in a way that is convenient – the logical convenience of the item’s home is the priority.

The MOST IMPORTANT key to staying organized is really quite simple – put things away after every use. That’s IT!

We took everything off the shelves, categorized the items logically, and put them back in a way that made sense – the categories fit together, the most commonly used things were on the shelves at her height, and everything was clearly labeled.

Here is the yummy before and after:


No more inaccessible party decorations for our events stylist! HOORAY! Hopefully this session will help her grow her business and feel less stressed before and after working each event. Stress-reduction is truly what I’m after!

Happy Organizing!



2 thoughts on “An Organized Event Stylist’s Closet: Before & After

  1. Yummy is right! I love these before and after photos! I bet looking at her closet now will make her feel inspired and ready to decorate, rather than intimidated and tired.


    • Thanks, Claire! Yes, I certainly hope it inspires her. That’s what organizing a work-related space is all about, whether it’s an office, craft room, or supply closet – it’s got to energize and inspire!


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