DIY Tuesday: Necklace Hanger!

Today’s DIY is the quickest and easiest yet. I try to base these projects on what I truly need to improve organization in my life. This summer, my necklace hooks broke and it has resulted in a tangled mess of necklaces living on my dresser and I haven’t worn a necklace in months. Never again!

At Michael’s I found this adorable wooden arrow. They sell a ton of cute wooden shapes for cheap, so you could choose anything! Buy a picture hanger and a package of screw-in hooks as well.


Now, you could paint your arrow or even spray paint your hooks to glam this project up. I left both as I bought them, and I like the way the industrial wood and metal go together. You can also measure three equidistant points along the wood, I simply eyeballed it. Take a hammer and begin driving in your hooks with just a few gentle bangs. Be careful not to split the wood! Screw the hooks in one-by-one the rest of the way by hand. This took me several minutes per hook. If I had used a drill to form a starter hole first, it probably would have gone faster but would have risked splitting the flimsy wood arrow.

Attach the picture hanger to the back, hang it up, and hang your necklaces on the hooks. The longest part of this project was untangling my necklaces, I also recommend cleaning them with jewelry polish! Our jewelry so rarely gets cleaned and organized, so use this opportunity.


You could also use this cute little DIY as a key holder in your entry way, or use more sturdy wood and larger hooks for a scarf, coat, and/or purse holder.

key collage

Another Tuesday, DIY’d.


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