DIY Tuesday: Wedding Card Keepsake Book!

It’s a beautiful day for a DIY!

I have had DIY-Bride withdrawals for 15 months to the day. I loved every minute of crafting our homespun wedding. But the projects don’t have to stop! After displaying some of our wedding cards in a frame for a year, I am ready to craft them into a keepsake book that we can flip through forever!


For this project, I decided to incorporate the engagement, bridal shower, and bachelorette cards I received as well! You could make separate books for these if you wish, but I made dividers for each card category within my book.


You will need:

  1. Your wedding cards
  2. Cardboard
  3. Ruler
  4. Scissors or exacto knife
  5. Pencil
  6. Twine or thin ribbon
  7. Hole punch (Get the most heavy duty one you can find/afford. I broke one during a particularly thick card.)
  8. Paint, pretty paper, stickers, or other embellishments
  9. Card stock
  10. Sharpie

First, arrange your cards in the order you would like the book. Find your largest and smallest cards. Measure your largest card. Using your straight edge, pencil off the size your covers will be on the cardboard, judging by the size of your largest card. For example, my largest card was 9″ x 7″, so I made my cardboard covers 10″ x 8″.

20151027_130918 20151027_130411

Embellish your cardboard covers any way you wish. My cardboard was cut from a box and had writing on it, so I chose to paint it in our wedding colors. I penciled off straight horizontal lines and alternated the colors.  In the future, I might add “E & J” and/or “Our Wedding Cards.”


Measure your smallest card and decide how many holes you would like in each card for your book. I went with two holes for each card, because my smallest card was only 5″. If using two holes, you will need to measure three equal sections – if using three holes, four equal sections. Mark these sections with a pencil. Measuring from the spine of your card, mark a point 1/4″ in where each hole will be. Punch the holes with your hole punch on your smallest card.


Using the smallest card as a guide, place it in the middle of each card (I just eyeballed it, but you can measure!) and draw around the circles you’ve punched. Punch out all the circles you’ve drawn.


If using dividers, measure and cut them to the size of your covers, or slightly smaller. I had short card stock leftover from our wedding reception escort cards (they were boarding passes for a travel-themed wedding), so I just used that! Always use what you have if you can! Then type, draw, or paint on the “chapters” in your card keepsake book. Mine say “Engagement”, “Bridal Shower”, “Bachelorette”, and “Wedding”. Then measure and punch holes in these as well.


Finally, measure and punch holes in your book covers once they’ve dried. Measure and cut your ribbon or twine to two equal lengths (or three if making a three-hole book). Line up your covers, dividers, and cards the way you want them so the holes are matched up, and thread your twine through! Tie them in loose, pretty bows that are securely knotted. You can also use binder rings if you prefer.

20151027_224321 20151027_224332

Now you have a beautiful keepsake of the sweet cards from your family and friends that you can flip through anytime! You don’t have to do this with wedding cards – birthday cards will work just as well.


Happy DIY’ing and Organizing! And Happy Halloween! 🙂


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