DIY Tuesday: Wrapping Paper Shelf (or Drawer) Liners

Got an ugly shelf or drawer? We all do. Got some wrapping paper you would rather look at? Good. If not, head to Home Goods because OMG it’s all so cheap and it’s all so cute!


You will need:

  1. Pretty wrapping paper
  2. Contact paper
  3. Straight edge
  4. Scissors
  5. Pencil
  6. Measuring stick or tape


Here’s the sad before of the inside of my dish cabinet:


I can’t even – whatever.

First, clear out all your stuff and wipe down your shelves (or drawers).

Next, measure the width and depth of the surface you will be lining.


Then measure and cut your wrapping paper according to these measurements. I use the three point method, which means I measure three equidistant points along each axis and connect the three points with a straight edge because I don’t own a carpenter’s square. I then cut each axis drawn with scissors. I repeated this three times for three shelves.


The next step is to measure and cut your contact paper, which pleasantly has a grid on the back for easier cutting. Make sure you leave about a quarter-inch overhang on either side. The trickiest part of this entire project is placing the contact paper on the wrapping paper, and after two mishaps I think I finally got it right the third time.


Place the contact paper with the backing face-up on your surface. Peel back the backing half an inch at a time. Place the wrapping paper face down onto the sticky surface, taking care to line up the edges so that it doesn’t turn crooked down the line. Continue to peel back the backing and stick the wrapping paper to the adhesive a little at a time. If it begins to bubble or wrinkle, it is quite easy to pull the paper apart and start over.


I used double-sided tape on the back of each liner to adhere it to its shelf.


And voila! A shelf (or drawer) liner to put your pretty (or… not so pretty) dishes on! I can’t wait to open my cabinets every morning and see this pretty map paper smiling up at me as I grab my coffee mug. I am also excited to make some drawer liners for the dressers I painted last fall for our bedroom, my desk drawers, more liners for our pantry cabinets – these liners are useful everywhere!

20151013_160626 20151013_160636

Here’s the pretty after (don’t you just love afters?!):

20151013_212321 20151013_212305

(It got dark up in my kitchen. Also, my shelves were bowing even when empty – I promise my twelve dishes aren’t going to cause them to break! Sidebar: I would totally update my kitchen cabinets with a coat of paint if I could, but I am a sad little renter in a hella overpriced neighborhood.)

Let me know in the comments below how you would use these pretty liners in your space!


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