1st DIY Organized Tuesday: Multipurpose Memo Board!

Today I’m unveiling a new series on my blog: DIY Organized Tuesday! I really want this blog to be accessible for all and that means taking organization into your own hands by creating free or low-cost, environmentally friendly tools to help you get and stay organized.

The first project is a versatile tool that I just love! I first saw this project here on one of my favorite organizing blogs, IHeart Organizing. This sign holder works wonders as a dry-erase board, butterfly clip and/or binder band board.

finished collage

I mainly use it to keep my to-do list in plain sight and can attach the physical items related to it (e.g. receipts I need to enter into my budget spreadsheet, checks to deposit, event invites).

Another purpose is for holding either our menu planner and/or chore chart printable and creating a dry-erase surface to write over it. This way I only have to print the paper once and can change it up week to week. I will be sharing our chore chart and menu planner printables in future DIY Organized Tuesday posts! They are an absolute must for families and couples dedicated to a 50/50 partnership. 😉 More on that to come…

Now let’s make our boards!

You will need:

  1. 8.5 x 11 in. acrylic sign holder (Staples)
  2. Decorative paper cut to 8.5 x 11 in. (Michael’s)
  3. Dry-erase marker
  4. Binder bands (Amazon)
  5. Butterfly clips

Simply stick the paper in the sign holder and write on it/attach items with the butterfly clips and binder bands! This DIY is simple enough to whip up in five minutes and versatile enough to be useful in every room of the house. I absolutely adore trading the paper out whenever I feel like it.

band2to do2

Oh, and this just cracks me up:


Peace, Love, & Organizing! 🙂


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