For Beauty

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” – Inayat Khan

Hello dear readers,

Today’s post is about the second part of this blog’s subtitle, “For functionality, beauty, and inner peace.”

Beauty is food for the soul. I’ll bet your desktop background and phone wallpaper are images of beauty for you – whether it’s a picture of loved ones or a spectacular sunrise. Seeing beauty releases love hormones in our brains and makes us happy and calm. My home is filled with images of my recent wedding, and I try to buy fresh flowers every couple of weeks – I want to be surrounded by love, happiness, and calm – beauty.

Our home is our retreat for the soul. It’s the place you escape to from work, from stress, from negativity. Although my apartment is extremely small, I try to keep it a spiritual retreat for my soul with beautiful artwork and souvenirs from trips I’ve taken with my husband. Seeing this beauty reminds me of times I’ve felt at peace even when my daily life overwhelms me with stress.

If beauty is food for the soul and the home is the soul’s retreat, what does that tell us? Our homes should be beautiful!

A lot of people feel immense guilt about their homes – I should have repaired that or I should have kept it clean, I wish I were more tidy and I wish I were more organized. But guilt has no place in a home of beauty. Beauty is not about perfection, much of it is about accepting the imperfect aspects of our homes we must learn to love.

If you want a quick example of this, do the following: clean off your workspace (mine is my kitchen table), light your favorite scented candle, stream a relaxing Spotify playlist, and place fresh flowers or a beautiful memento from a trip on your workspace. An even quicker fix is to google pictures of mountains or the sea – whatever brings beauty to your soul. It is so easy to forget the beauty we are surrounded by every day. It is important to flood our homes with what we find beautiful. It is a powerful act – it causes us to realize we have control over the amount of beauty, and therefore love, happiness, and calm, in our lives.

Organization is beautiful. Look at these two pictures. One causes stress and one causes beauty-induced calm (and this wasn’t even a 100% completed project).

7yroldroomb41 7yroldroomafter1

I encourage you to insert beauty into your home – the rewards will be immeasurable!

Happy Organizing,


P.S. I just watched this Ted Talk (click here to watch) about how doing four things can add ten years to your life (physical, mental, emotional, and social resilience boosters), and one of them was looking at things that bring up feelings of emotional love – she suggested looking out the window or googling pictures of baby animals. I believe having a beautiful organized home can similarly induce positive feelings about yourself and your surroundings, adding time to our lives!


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